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Our values drive us all the time to be a successful, loyal, and reputable business partner to all our Customers and the Principals we represent.



it's an American nutraceutical company established in 2007 and headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Manufacture and distribute high quality, organic natural products and dietary supplements for all individuals and age groups also include a wide variety of 100% natural products. From fertility supplements to supplements intended to give children the nutrients they need
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its Established Since 2010 have based their pharmaceutical vocation, on the production of generic drugs, and food supplements. They have more than: - 71 pharmaceutical specialties, distributed in the various fields of medicine. - 55 food supplements, divided into different therapeutic classes, age groups, and for newborn babies, babies, children, adult men, adult women, seniors and older seniors. They have two production units, one dedicated to the dry form, the other to the liquid form at the BARCELONA site
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Crab Synergy

We carry out continual innovative research to improve the benefits of our products, we create innovative quality systems, we invest continually in state of the art equipment for better quality. The relationship that we have with health professionals, governments and our customers in each of the countries where we operate are strongly based on ethics. We ask our customers in different countries to participate in the continuous process to improve quality of our products: we are keen to learn from cultures across the globe as we further expand internationally. We improve health through quality, innovative products and service information.
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PromoPharma - MIA

PromoPharma, founded in San Marino in 1998, offers the widest range of effective and safe solutions in the field of Soft Therapies with food supplements, dietary foods for special medical purposes and medical devices. MIA Skin Care Natural and High Quality Cosmetics. The best results for your skin. Designed and formulated to prevent skin ageing by restoring the natural moisture balance. The body skin will look firmer, smoother and toned Originated of PromoPharma Spa (Republic of San Marino)
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HealthWise USA ™

HealthWise USA™ product line was launched in 2010 to serve the domestic and international market with our own branded quality products. its formulates, markets and distributes quality, affordable dietary supplements and multi-vitamins that foster a better quality of life. To ensure consistent quality, freshness and customer confidence. HealthWise USA™ dietary supplements / vitamins in their markets
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